Monday, 27 January 2014

Stockton Summer Show

Photo Copyright Stockton Council

August bank holiday and once again I found myself at Preston Hall Park for Stockton Summer Show.  Back in 2012 I had performed at the show as part of the Devil's Horsemen, so it was great to bring Galloping Acrobatics instead.  On arrival we found a perfect fenced off enclosure specially for us, and having set everything up we went about the showground to see who else was about.  The first person we bumped into was Stuart from the Sheep Show which was lovely as we haven't seen him for a little while.  One of the things I most enjoy about the shows and the life we lead is meeting up with people and meeting new people every weekend - you never quite know who you're going to bump into!

The weekend was due to be hot and lovely, and Sunday certainly didn't disappoint.  We were joined in the morning by Ben with his Eagle and Vulture Team, although as the event is so close to home he hadn't had too much of an early start.  This also meant that there were a number of friends and relatives who came to see us all perform - no pressure then!  Thankfully there was lots of space for warming up, and I made sure Casper had a really good session given his performance last week at Ibstock County Fair!  It paid off as he went into the arena and after a slightly excitable entrance he was foot perfect for the vaulting.  He did have a couple of naughty moments during the chasing sections, namely chasing me then charging off on his own for an undeserved lap of honour - rude!

Tinker did a brilliant show in the afternoon, I think it was possibly his best one of the entire season - he actually seemed to put a lot of oomph into it!  It would be so helpful if I could somehow mix my two horses up together to combine their enthusiasm and confidence.  Tinker is so confident I would 100% take him absolutely anywhere, safe in the knowledge that he would perform without problem, but he is never very enthusiastic about it.  On the other hand, Casper absolutely loves his job, and is so enthusiastic for everything he is a joy to work with.  But (and this is a big but) he lacks confidence and can get upset quite easily, which can make for a difficult show on occasion.  So, if there was a way of combining the two it would be amazing!  I wouldn't swap either of them for the world though, despite their foibles!!

Sunday evening and there was a treat in store for us.  There was a concert in the park, and a particularly good Beatles tribute act called Beatlemania were playing.  Anyone who has ever seen our shows will realise my taste in music is quite vintage (it's what I grew up listening to thanks to my parents), so I was able to sing along to virtually every word!  We were having a run through with Casper in the arena, so as the crowd were filing in we had a bit of an audience and a live sound track - what more could you ask for?!  After we'd finished with Casper we had some supper (Helen makes beautiful 'nomelettes'), and joined Stu for drinks whilst watching the main act of the evening, a local band called the Wildcats of Kilkenny.  They were very good and we all had a little dance, it really was a very fun evening!

The next morning was lovely and sunny again, and today we were joined by Benji with the Interesting and Unusual Team.  At least the weather was better than Benji had had at his last show with us, when we were up in Scotland at Sanquhar and it had poured with rain.  Given Casper's practise the previous evening I had high hopes for his show and I wasn't wrong - he was brilliant from start to finish!  I was especially thankful for this as once again there were quite a few familiar faces in the audience.  Tinker was a fantastic thing as well, and we managed to film the whole thing too ready to put our showreel together (watch the finished showreel here!).  Following Tink's show we were doing the meet and greet when a giant giraffe came over to say hello - Tinker was most bemused by it!  It was obviously the mascot for somebody, but I'm afraid I've forgotten who!  Tinker's face was a picture though!!  We've a few images from the weekend, just click here to see them.

We're nearly at the end of our season, with only one more event left.  Saturday 7th September will see us down near Nottingham for Stapleford Carnival - I'll let you know how we get on! 

Love Rosie x

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