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Dunscore Gala

All photo's by Brian Clark at

Still trying to catch up with the blog for last year's shows...!

Friday 8th August saw us packing up and heading off to Scotland!  We were off to Dunscore Gala.  Imie was away again, so it was Tinker, Casper, Monty, Charlie and myself who loaded into the lorry and headed up the M6.  We were due to meet Helen at Penrith, as it's silly for her to come all the way down to us in Oxfordshire from Yorkshire, only to go all the way back up again!  Helen's family own a builders merchants company, (JT Atkinson) and one of their outlet stores is at Penrith, so we arranged to meet her there.

After another long boring Friday drive up the M6 we finally arrived at the Penrith store, and we got a few odd looks as we drove through the industrial estate and parked up outside.  Helen hadn't managed to get hold of anyone to tell them we were coming, and she was stuck in traffic, so I tried to explain as best I could what was going on.  But trying to justify an enormous spotty horsebox parked up right outside their shop, assuring them we were supposed to be there, and that we were meeting one of the family members who owns their chain was quite tricky - they obviously thought I was completely mad!  Especially when I dropped the ramp and started unloading the horses...

Luckily Helen appeared before too long, the horses had a drink and a wee, and a bit of a leg stretch and some grass, and then we all piled back in and waved goodbye to a now very friendly bunch of folk!

We trucked on up to Scotland, and as we were approaching the venue I had the funny feeling I'd been here before.  It wasn't until we pulled onto sit though that the penny dropped and I realised I had done Dunscore Gala before, way back in 2011 whilst still working for Jive Pony.  I remembered it as being a lovely show so was very pleased to be there again.  We weren't quite the first people on site, but we were the second!  Ridgeside Falconry were already there, but not yet set up, and very soon somebody arrived to show us were to go - I could have guessed though as it was the same spot as in 2011!

As the field was virtually empty, Monty was happily trundling about whilst we were setting up.  He never goes far, and is so well behaved that I never worry about him.  However, he managed to commit the most horrendous social faux pas ever, which he has since paid for dearly!  Fiona, the organiser, had come to welcome us.  We were chatting away, and she was saying how they were all getting ready for that evening's quiz in the marquee so she'd been home to get changed which was why she hadn't been on site when we arrived.  Next thing we know Monty walked up behind her, cocked his leg, and weed all down the back of her legs.  I was absolutley mortified - it is possibly the most embarassed I have ever been in my entire life.  What a horrendously naughty hound!  (Needless to say he has since been castrated - that was a costly error on his part!!)

The next day was gala day!  We were up bright and early getting everything ready, before I was whisked away with Tracy from Ridgeside Falconry to go up into the village and judge the float competition.  The floats were all brilliant, with lots of different themes and endless fancy dress.  There were prizes for every single one, all we had to do was to decide what to award them their prize for!  We ended up with things like 'most characterful' and 'best effort' etc, although there was one overalll winner - apparently the group which wins every year!  There was so much effort which had obviously gone into the floats, I just love the smaller events which have a proper community feel to them.  Everybody was very much in the carnival spirit and we raced back down to get ready as the parade also made it's was back to the gala field.

Before long it was time for the show, and we were due to perform our double act.  As far as I can recall it all went through smoothly - I only tend to remember when things go wrong!  There was a a photographer there called Brian Clark (Dumfries Photos), who got quite a few good images of the show - and one utterly ridiculous one which is at the top of this post!  For more photos, have a look at our album (all Brian's photos) or at Abbey Camera Club's website where there is a good selection from the day. 

Next up we went to Earls Barton Rally and Country Fayre over the late bank holiday weekend - I'll tell you all about that next!

Love Rosie

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