Friday, 12 July 2013

Small Holders Show

Photo by Helen Gilbertson

Photo by Jenna Davies

Last weekend we were 375 miles North, and this weekend we were 285 miles South!  We set off for The Small Holders Show and trucked on and on down the motorway, making really good time - until we hit the M25!  I know it should always be avoided on Friday afternoons but unfortunately we couldn't help it.  Having sat virtually stationary for an hour, we finally arrived on site at about 8pm.  The show was on the South of England Showground, and although I didn't think I'd been there before, as soon as we drove on I recognised it, and remembered having performing there quite a while ago with the Devil's Horsemen!

It was a really beautifully set out show, and it had a lovely feel to it as soon as we arrived.  We parked up just behind a pond next to the main arena, and let the horses out in the arena.  They were very grateful to get their heads down for some grass after the long journey - they've covered some miles in the last week or so!  Having got everything set up and the arena marked out we settled down for the night.  We had another new girl with us for the weekend, Sophie, and as she'd never seen a show before I'm not sure she knew quite what to expect!

The weekend was set to be a scorcher and it certainly was!  I can't remember the last time it was so hot, so putting all my costume and make up on, and the doing a show was absolutely exhausting!  I'm not complaining, it's infinitely better than the July we had last year, when every single one of our shows were forced to cancel because of the bad weather.  What a difference a year makes!

Both the shows went through really well on Saturday, and in the afternoon (after a much needed shower - I do love my lorry!) Helen and I went for a wander about to see what we could see.  There was lots there and I especially loved the rescue Ginuea Pig stand, Pooh Piglet.  I have a real soft spot for Guinea Pigs!  There was all sorts of different animals there, everything from Llamas and Alpacas to Tortoises, Geese, Pigs and Chickens - something for everybody!  We had a lovely evening as well, as we borrowed a couple of benches from around the arena and using the shop table in a new guise had our supper al fresco!  

Sunday morning and it was time to do it all over again.  Casper's show was an interesting one, as I didn't really feel like he was concentrating, especially throughout his games section.  The reason for this soon became clear though.  It was just before the final canter freestyle, and Helen had just asked for 'some music please!  And please feel free to clap along!'  On came the music and to my horror, Casper started to stretch out for a wee!  'Cut the music!' said Helen, and Casper started weeing.  And continued.  For ages.  It was honestly the longest wee I have seen in a long time, the poor boy must have been absolutely bursting.  He must have been desperate as he is normally very shy when it comes to having a wee.  Whenever we stop on long journeys we have to take him off away from everybody and turn our backs on him before he'll go, so to do it in the middle of an arena in front of hundreds of people is really unusual.  Anyway, he obviously felt much better afterwards, as after what felt like an eternity he went straight off into canter and we finished the show with aplomb!

Tinker's show went really well as well.  He'd been quite lazy the day before so I'd got after him a bit during our warm up and he was perfect in the show.  I can't really blame him as it was very hot, but trying to trot during canter freestyles is absolutely not acceptable!  Him and Casper have it easy as they only have to do one show a day each - Helen and I have to do two!

The show organisers were lovely, and very kindly allowed us to leave site an hour early, so we managed to get away by 4pm.  The journey back was much better, and we arrived home after just six and a half hours - all very tired though!  Sophie must have enjoyed her debut as she's coming again next weekend.  It's going to be a bit of a monster though, as we're at Kirkcudbright Country Fair up in Scotland on Saturday, followed by driving straight down to Liverpool for Crosby Carnival on Sunday, before packing up again to come home - phew!  I'll let you know how we get on, but in the meantime, click here for some photos from the Small Holders Show.

Love Rosie x

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