Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tain Gala

Photos by Helen Gilbertson

It was a long old journey up to Tain Gala, but a very beautiful one!  And although it took just over nine hours, we did stop three times to get the horses off for a wee (Tink can't hold it as long since his operation unfortunately!).  It was one of the easiest drives as well, just lots and lots and lots of motorway!  It was a journey I wasn't looking forward to, but actually I'd happily do it again!

We arrived on Friday evening and turned the boys out in the arena which they were very happy about.  They both had a good roll and got themselves as grass stained as possible, before settling down to the serious task of eating - standard! 

Steve Colley was also on site, as he was due to perform as well, and it was really good to see him as our paths haven't crossed for ages!  It was quite a big bunch of us he greeted, as not only were myself, Helen and Helen's sister Megan on board, but also Anne Marie, a friend of Helen's from America who had come to stay for the week.  I did feel a bit sorry for Anne Marie, as she'd had a hectic week already.  She'd flown into Southampton on Tuesday, before getting the train to Manchester and then a bus to Leeds.  Helen had collected her and taken her to Bedale (North Yorkshire), and then she had to spend all day in the lorry on Friday travelling up to the Highlands of Scotland.  Fair to say she managed to see quite a lot of the UK in a very short space of time!

On Saturday morning we were joined by Dingle Fingle, and it was great to see him as once again I've not seen him for quite a while.  One of my very favourite things about shows is meeting up with people on the circuit - you never quite know who you're going to bump into at which show!  We also met a lovely chap on a penny farthing, and of course it wasn't long before both Helen and I had managed to have a go ourselves.  Needless to say I think I'll stick to the horses!

We'd been asked by the organisers if we would take part in the parade through the town, and although we didn't take a horse Helen and I got all dolled up in our costume and off we went.  We got a lift up from Dingle in his comedy car, which was definitely an experience in itself!  We all paraded through the town ahead of all the floats, doing plenty of cartwheels as we went.  I did feel a bit lost without a horse, as both Steve and Dingle were able to do loads of tricks, .  It was brilliant to watch Steve, he really is amazing at what he does.  He was bouncing his bike off walls and all sorts, whizzing around Helen and I, and hopping up on the back, front and side of Dingle's car - it was all great fun!

Once we were back on the show field the arena entertainment kicked off, and before we knew it it was our turn!  The organisers had decided to go for the double act after all, so we all went in together.  The show went through really well, despite Casper doing his now habitual lap of honour on his own.  He really is very naughty, but we've managed to write it into the script, and everybody loves it when he goes (everybody apart from me that is!).  The Roman riding went the best it ever has, I did all sorts on them so was really happy with that.  The only problem we had was that we couldn't hear the music at all.  The was a very loud fairground right next to the arena, and although the audience could hear our music I struggled to hear it at all - not the best when everything is very choreographed!  We managed though, and it was actually very fortuitous that we had Anne Marie, as an extra pair of hands is always useful during the double act show!

We managed to watch Dingle's act at the end of the day, which is always hilarious.  Helen and I both made the mistake of turning our backs at one point though - and we both got thoroughly soaked by Dingle and his fire hose as a result!

We'd arranged to stay on site on the Saturday as well, so that we could travel back home all day Sunday.  We got off to a good start and left at 8.30am, and I think we were back by 6pm despite Wow Cow taking us for an unplanned tour around Edinburgh!

Our next show is the Smallholders Show down in Ardingly.  It's a two day show and we'll be doing two shows a day so I'll let you know how we get on.  In the meantime, you can see some photos from Tain by clicking here.

Love Rosie x

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